Voice Care

Voice Care Therapy sessions may be offered if you have had an ENT consultation. This is needed for any ongoing support to be offered.

Ruth will discuss your individual needs with you and decide if online therapy would be beneficial.

Approaches include Accent Method, Chant Therapy, Voice Care exercises and ways of looking after your voice (vocal hygiene). There is emphasis on leanring how to spot warning signs in the future and implement strategies to maintain your voice.

Relaxation therapy and Mindfulness may be suggested.

Voice Care covers:

  • Losing your voice
  • Voice strain and hoarse voice
  • Vocal Nodules
  • Pitch difficulties

Taking Care for your Voice

Once the initial voice difficulties have improved then clients can find more general Voicecraft work valuable. This is about strengthening and developing your voice and avoiding any relapse in the future. This is especially the case if you are a singer or enjoy singing in a choir.

Voice projection, optimal pitch, quality and timbre of your vocal tone, singing safely and coping with demanding situations e.g. where it is noisy or you need to speak publically.