Stammering Support

Therapy Approach

Stammering Support is indivdually devised following a clinical evaluation/assessment.

A Toolkit approach is utilised. This is based on scrutinizing what already works some of the time and building on strengths.

Other techniques are introduced into your individual Toolkit of Strategies to reduce the impact of your stammer.

There is a ‘Listening Ear’ and time to talk about how you feel about Stammering and the impact on your life. This is an important aspect of therapy.

Training Courses

Training Courses focus on Confident Communication and practically using Toolkit in communicative interactions.

Wider Support for Stammering in the UK

The British Stammering Association, now known as Stamma, is a registered charity.( Stamma aims to support anyone who stammers in the UK and “tackle the stigma, ignorance and discrimination that people who stammer often face so that they can live their life in full and with dignity.”

Stamma provides advice and support to those who stammer as well as family, friends, educators, employers and colleagues.