Intensive Courses

Short Break Communicology Workshops held at Chassignolles, France

The Website below shows the venue for the training, The Website will be updated in future months as further development of Gite and Garden have taken place since Sept 2019.


A Stammering Short Break Holiday with the course:

Fluency in France: Communication for Living”

This can be either intensive one to one or a small group .

The course covers:

Stress & Anxiety Awareness: relaxation techniques, anxiety and stress reduction, Mindfulness Meditation.

Coping with a Long Term Condition: There is opportunity to talk about stammering and impact on life and barriers you may feel you face due to a stammer.

Positive Therapy: Ruth utilises Positive Therapy approaches to increase self esteem and confidence.

Toolkit of Techniques: The content also covers different techniques to build a Toolkit of Techniques to help you speak more fluently and confidently.

This course is about lessening the impact of a stammer and cannot be curative.

A short break of 2 or.3 days is recommended and course content will be tailored to time available.

Ruth has an informal style as a Trainer and you will feel in your comfort zone (slightly stretched of course!) and enjoy the course while consolidating and developing strengths.

A Short Break Holiday focusing on Communication Skills & Confidence

Communicology in Action … Confidence, Impact & Style

This is a Short Break Holiday for anyone who is motivated to increase their impact and confidence as a communicator.

The Course covers:

Individual Impact – where are you now?

Voice Skills – confidence, projection, quality and tone

Style: accent ‘ownership’, body language, how to make changes and sustain them

Performance Anxiety in Communication: Rehearsal, challenging avoidance, Mindfulness as a tool

Situational Communication: Presentation Skills, Dealing with Difficult people

As for the Course above a short break of 2 or.3 days is recommended and course content will be tailored to time available.

Ruth has an informal style and you will feel in your comfort zone (slightly stretched) and enjoy the course while consolidating and developing strengths.

Practicalities (for both courses)

Accomodation: If you are working through the course content individually then accomodation in Gite Hirondelle at Ruth’s home in Chassignolles may be available. There are also a number of excellent B and Bs and a small hotel and a Chateaux offering accomodation (and yes it has been on Escape to the Chateax DIY) and Ruth will collect you and return you to accomodation each day. Ruth will organise the accomodation as part of the course. If you prefer one of the more expensive options then the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The Training Environment: The garden has many shady places which can be utilised as classroom areas, including the canopy of a lovely old oak tree. There is a picnic area near a pond and a Mindfulness Mini garden.

Style of Training:The Course is interactive and practical with information presented in the morning, followed by a light lunch and then practice “out and about’ near the town of La Chatre and local villages. The village of Nohant-Vic is often included or the Castle at Sarzay. The Boulangerie in Crevant or the Saturday Market in La Chatre may feature in the itinerary.

If you are part of a Small Group Course then an ‘evening meal out’ is part of the social aspect of the course.

There is a Yoga Studio (Centre du Silence) offering courses and retreats (near St Severe) and if you are interested Ruth will put you in contact with the Centre to extend your holiday. Other suggestions such as Lake Eguzon, Creuse Three Lakes area or Limoges itself might extend your short break course into a longer holiday.

There is a Health Spa Hotel with indoor and outdoor pool, sailing and wellbeing treatments 10 minutes from Chassignolles.

Travel: Flights to Limoges Airport from a range of UK airports. The Eurostar to Paris with a change to an SNCF train to Chateauroux or Arenton-Sur-Creuse is another way to travel.

Ruth ot a colleague will collect you from airport or railway station on arrival. Ruth will take you back for your plane/train on completion of the course. If you are staying on in the local area then a transfer there can be arranged.

Car Hire is easily available at Limoges Airport or close to the Railway station in Chateauroux.

Once the courses are operational again further more specific information about this Short Break intensive Course Option and links to local accomodation and about Gite Hirondelle will be posted on the Website about Ruth’s home.

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Tele-Therapy Courses

If there are sufficient clients with a similar need then Ruth advocates an online course focusing on aspects of communication.