Communication Skills and Confidence

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”

Victor Frankl

confident & relaxed presentation

The Communicology Approach … Reflective Learning

The Quotation above is chosen because the approach Ruth takes to Training & Coaching is to enable clients to ‘reflect in the moment” and in that brief pause consider and change communicative behaviour. Taking it back to simple terms this might be around a skill like:

  • slowing down your rate of speech
  • lengthening vowels and adding stronger resonance for impact
  • Easy voicing when starting to speak …gliding into a word gently
  • Adapting your posture (body language) in a meeting

This is ‘reflecting in action”. We can practice, rehearse and feel confident but the true learning is about managing to change your communicative style in real time. If you pause … freeze frame … then continue you are more likely to succeed.

Victor Frankl was perhaps talking of decision makeing and compassionate choices. He had been in a concentration camp and experienced the extremes of human behaviour. However this is an insprational quote for all learning and in the ethos of Communicology this is the key to change.

What sort of Communication Skills might be targetted for change?

  • Confident presentation skills …. Style, Body Language and Voice Projection
  • Clarity of Speech: Strengthening your impact with some minor changes to your speech
  • Self monitoring and adapting your verbal contributions
  • Accent Softening: Accents are part of our family heritage and identity but sometimes we ‘soften’ and step outside for influencing others. You can put that ‘th’ in if you need to and you choose to and this is about giving you the choice.
  • Reducing a Lisp or ‘r’ pronunication: Sometimes clients wish to change and reduce a particular speech sound. It is possible with practice and self monitoring. It is a challenge but with motivation it is possible.
  • Voice Adaptation: Adapting your pitch, projection and resonance, volume and feeling your voice expresses your personality.

Evaluation of Current Communicative Skills then developing an Individual Coaching Plan

The starting point is an informal conversation, followed by a more detailed interview and evaluation. Then jointly agreeing Goal areas for change and the approach to achieve the change. The process is always individual – Communicology has a person centred approach