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Communicology is all about practical, daily communication with others. The focus in training & coaching is on extending skills with the aim of becoming as confident as possible when interacting and speaking with others.

Sometimes difficulties are linked to having a stammer with resulting avoidance and anxiety in communicating with others.

Sometimes there is a lack of confidence with no underlying condition which results in a reluctance to talk with others in daily conversations.

For others it is a case of strengthening voice and communication skills for a specific reason e.g. to cope with a new role at work where there is a need to lead meetings or speak publically to large groups of people.

Communicology offers Voice Care Therapy for clients who have seen an ENT consultant and need specific clinical help from a Speech & Language Therapist.

Communicology can work with clients in modifying their communication style and voice as part of Transgender transitioning.

The Drop Down Menu above gives more details about what is offered in Fluency Support, Voice Care and Confident Communication coaching.

Ruth has worked as a Specialist Therapist in Voice and Stammering Therapy in the North of England. She also has Masters level qualification in Professional Traiing & Development woith a special interest in reflective learning, coaching and mentoring support. The focus on Training Courses for groups and one-to-one developed from this enthusiasm for training and coaching approaches.

Short Break Courses

Woodland Walk

The Garden has many shady places used as ‘Training areas” including the canopy of an anceint oak tree

Relax while Training

April French Lavender

Explore the herb garden picnic area, wildlife pond and mini mindfulness garden area

Explore Locality or Stay in the Garden

Autumn Grapes

Grapes growing over a ruined building. Quiet corners give space to reflect on learning and goals

Ruth Howes

Ruth Howes is a Specialist Speech & Language Therapist. Before setting up Communicology Ruth had 34 years experience in Clinical, Leadership & Management roles in the NHS.

Mindful Living

Ruth has a Special Interest in Mindfulness. She has written 3 books on this topic. Mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and increase coping skills in daily communication.

Towards Positive Comminication

A Communication Skills Consultancy Supporting Positive, Confident Communication

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